How to Find To-Go, Pick-Up, and Online Orders in Toast

Updated over 5 years ago

This lesson covers locating and closing Pick-up orders in Toast.

Finding & Closing To-Go Tickets

To access and close out To-Go orders, you must have access to the Payment Terminal mode. This can be found on the main menu.

This main screen displayed will be every available check open in the restaurant. To find just To-Go orders you should apply a Filter.

To do this, click on the ellipsis in the top right corner and select Advanced Filter.

Here you have the option to narrow things down very specifically, or you could just select Order Type -> Quick Orders to Apply the filter so you only view To-Go tickets.

It might also be helpful to Sort by either the Customer Last Name or Oldest orders.

You should now see only the To-Go orders. Find the order you'd like to cash out and select it and click Update or Pay ($).