Double and Triple Items on tickets

Updated over 5 years ago

This lesson covers how Toast handles double or even triple toppings in toast... Yes, because people do order triple cheese on a BIG. No judgment!

Ticket Printing for Double and Triple Topping

When a topping is added onto a main item more than once (double, triple, etc.), the topping will display for as many times as there should be portions of that topping on the main item. This includes items that have that topping as a Default Topping.

For example:

Our pizzas come with Mozzarella as a default topping. I can see that this Around the World pizza already includes Mozzarella.

If I wanted to add another portion of Mozzarella to make it double the portions of Mozzarella, I'll select the plus sign one time.

But, I won't just see the Mozzarella added one time. What Toast will show me is that I am indicating that I would like DOUBLE portions of Mozzarella on my pizza. I'll see this by the ticket displaying Mozzarella twice.

If I had wanted triple Mozzarella, I would have clicked the plus sign two times. Now Mozzarella is shown three times, indicating that I would like three portions of Mozzarella on my pizza.

Toast will always show you the amount of TOTAL portions that should go on the item.

This same logic will also apply to BOH tickets. From the example above, please see the following three versions of BOH Tickets below.