Ringing in a Half / Half Pizza

Updated almost 6 years ago

This lesson will show you how to enter in a Half / Half pizza within Toast.

Ringing in a Half / Half Pizza

To ring in a Half / Half pizza, navigate to the Pizza category and select the Half / Half button.

Select the size like you would any other pizza.

Now you will need to select the 1st Half of the pizza.

I clicked on ATW. I can now edit the ATW like I would normally and click Done.

In this example, I chose to have Alfredo Sauce instead of the Red Sauce. See how the ticket displays that order?

Now I want to select my 2nd Half of my button. Click to move over to the 2nd Half.

I'll repeat this same process to enter my 2nd Half of my pizza.

Once my 1st and 2nd Half of my pizza look correct on the check, I'll click Done.