Size Pricing on Menu Item Modifiers

Updated over 5 years ago

Why does Toast keep prompting me for a size on toppings?

Size Pricing

Whenever you ring an item into Toast that has a size, selecting one of the size options is actually how the item (and its corresponding modifiers or toppings) are priced.

If you do not select a size from the get-go, Toast will not know how to price the item or any of its toppings/modifiers.

Because of this, whenever you move into the Topping options of an item without first selecting the size of the item, Toast gets confused and will constantly ask you for the size of each topping you select.

Watch, for example, as I ring in a Caesar Salad and do not select a size at first. Instead, I am going to move into the Toppings section.

Now I am going to add on a topping, let's say Cheddar.

Notice how Toast prompts me for a size? This is because it is confused on what it should price this Cheddar at.

I'll just go ahead and select one. I still haven't selected a size for the main Caesar Salad though. So when I click Done it gives me an error message.

No matter what size I select here, it will overwrite whatever I chose before. So no worries, it'll price the Cheddar appropriately.

Example: I selected a Small Cheddar previously, but I actually want the item to be a Large.

After selecting Large for the Caesar Salad, everything will move to the Large pricing scheme.

Instead of going through this entire process, if you just select the size at the very beginning, Toast will not prompt you each time.
Here I'll ring in a Caesar again and select Large this time.

Now when I go to add Cheddar, it won't prompt me, because it already knows the size.