How to Login to Stratex HR

Updated over 3 years ago

Logging in is the first step to access Stratex. This lesson will cover accessing the Stratex site and logging in using your credentials.

How Do I Login To Stratex?

You may access Stratex from any computer with access to the internet.  

  1. Point your browser to:
  2. Provide your login information

    1. User name (typically first initial and last name:  for example Jane Doe would use jdoe.  However if you share a first initial and last name with someone else at Hideaway your user name will have a number at the end.  Please look to your welcome email for your specific information)
    2. Password:  Your password . (if this is your first time logging in your password will be : capital first initial + last name + last 4 of social +$)
    3. Company:  our company name in Stratex is:  Hideaway
    4. Public Computer If you are using a computer that is shared with others, such as the manager workstation in your location's office, please leave this box checked.
  3. Provide your 2 factor login information
    1. Stratex contains very sensitive and privileged data about applicants, current and former employees and that data must be protected.  Because of this Stratex requires 2 factor authentication.  2 factor authentication is the combination of something you know and something you have.  In this case your password and a code that is either email to you or provided via an application on your phone.
    2. Provide your 2nd factor and login.

  4. You should now be able to access the Stratex dashboard.