How to use the Stratex Dashboard

Updated almost 3 years ago

The Stratex Dashboard is the main page where you will begin your work in Stratex. This lesson will describe the basic components of the Dashboard and give you a high level view of the Dashboard.

How to use the Stratex Dashboard

Each time you login to Stratex you will land on the your dashboard.  The dashboard serves as a jumping off point for all activities in Stratex.

The Dashboard is divided into sections:  The main navigation bar,  the quick launch, and the active window.

Main Navigation:

The Main Navigation allows you to move through the functional areas of Stratex.   The options will vary based on your security level and position.  Each user in Stratex will see the following sections:

1. Dashboard:  The dashboard is the main landing page where each user will start their Stratex session.

2. Myself:  This will be your specific employee information including, benefits, compensation, documents, and other information specific to you.

3. Team:  This section will allow you to view information about all of the Hideaway employees that report directly to you.

4. Management:  You will use the Management section to access all of the functions in Stratex such as recruitment and time & labor.

5. Quick Search:  The quick search allows you to search for employees and users with Stratex by entering all or part of the employees's name.

Quick Launch:

The Quick Launch section contains information about upcoming payroll and HR related events and commonly accessed features of Stratex.  Quick Launch has several important subsections.

1. Inbox:  The inbox contains tasks and alerts that you or others have created for you.

2. Announcements:  Announcements,  much like inbox, contains messages sent to you or a larger group of users.

3. My Quick Links:  These are common links that you may find helpful.  The contents of this section will change as you and other use the system.

4. Upcoming Events:  Upcoming Events are, as they sound, events that are occurring soon.   This could be as simple as a Pay Day but will include more information as the system is expanded

5. My Direct Reports:  This section will include the names and links to each Hideaway employee that reports directly to you.  If you do not have direct reports this section will be empty.

Active Window:

As you make selections from the Main Navigation or Quick Launch the contents of the active window will change to reflect the details of the information you selected.  This could be your inbox or the contents of a quick poll.