Server Training Shift #4

This course will help you learn about Responsible Alcohol Service, how to properly check ID's for alcohol purchases, Our proper steps of Guest service at the table, tips on suggestive selling, pictures & descriptions of our specialty drinks & wines on our current menu.

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Shift 4 Agenda - Server

Updated 12 months ago

Agenda showing what information will be covered on this shift

Responsible Alcohol Service

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson will teach you about responsible service with alcohol and proper methods of checking IDs.

Bar terms & definitions

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson will expose you to common bar terminology.

Bar POS practice tickets

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson will have you ring in some alcohol items on the training tablet (not the POS) to expose you to the bar menu screens.

Server Cheat Sheet

Updated 12 months ago

This is in reference to a sheet that your manager will give you that lists our all our specialty drinks, wines, beers, liquors available. This is designed for you to fold & keep in your server book while waiting tables. There is not an actual lesson attached to this, but as a reminder for you to get this from your manager or trainer.

Beer Descriptions

Updated 12 months ago

This is placed here for you to ask your managers/trainer as to where you can see the descriptions about your current beers on the menu. These should be accessible to all servers to reference if needed to help explain a beer to a guest.

Server Competencies

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson outlines areas of knowledge, skill and behaviors that create the ideal of a great Hideaway server.

Providing Step by Step Service

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson will explain everything you need to know about how to provide step by step service here at Hideaway Pizza. This will breakdown the tools you need, the process as to which we want service to happen here at Hideaway. This lesson will also give you some helpful hints and some learning tips about service.

Specialty Drinks, Wines, Liquor

Updated 12 months ago

This lesson will show you pictures & descriptions of all our Specialty drinks on our current menu. This will also show you a picture of each wine and liquor available for Guests to order.

Wine Sweetness Chart

Updated 12 months ago

This diagram will help explain the sweetness level of the wines that are currently on our menu.

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