BOH Training Course #1

Training content about BOH everyday procedures, safety in the workplace, commonly used phrases, cleaning and sanitation standards and many more interesting topics.

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BOH Training Course #1 Lessons 15 lessons
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Clocking In With Toast

Updated over 4 years ago

This lesson covers how to properly clock in with Toast.

Everyday Procedures

Updated 12 months ago

General information about day to day procedures

Safety Guidelines

Updated 11 months ago

Everyday safety practices and procedures to keep everyone safe in the workplace.

BOH Commonly Used Phrases

Updated 12 months ago

Common everyday phrases that will help you with operations, kitchen setup, recipes, etc...

Food Safety video

Updated 12 months ago

This is a short video about the importance of Food Safety and Sanitation

Food Safety Video

Updated 12 months ago

Video about cross contamination, food safety, TDZ, personal hygiene, etc...

Accident Prevention

Updated 11 months ago

Information about how to prevent an accident in the workplace.

Kitchen Safety: Preventing cuts from Knives

Updated 12 months ago

This video teaches proper operations and safety with knives in the workplace.

BOH Preventing Contamination

Updated 12 months ago

Info about proper operations to prevent contamination throughout the BOH.

Personal Hygiene

Updated 7 months ago

Information about best practices for Great Personal Hygiene, which is very important working in the Restaurant Industry.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Updated 7 months ago

Info about proper cleaning and sanitation throughout the BOH & importance of these processes.

Proper Disposal of Garbage

Updated 12 months ago

Info about the disposal of garbage from the restaurant.

Time & Temperature Control

Updated about 2 years ago

Information about proper Time & Temp controls in the BOH.

Flow of Food

Updated about 2 years ago

Information about what is the Flow of Food and how to maintain quality throughout the process.

Dish Room Operations

Updated about 2 years ago

Information about the ins & outs of proper operations of the Dish Room.