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Information about our Bar Menu changes happening March 21st, 2022

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New bar drinks MARCH 2022 Intro

Updated about 1 year ago

Introduction video about our new bar drinks starting on MARCH 21st. This video also talks about our bar glassware.

Alcohol Pour Summary

Updated about 1 year ago

Info about correct pours for bar drinks here at Hideaway Pizza!

Blueberry Lemondrop

Updated about 1 year ago

This will show the proper procedure for making our new drink, Blueberry Lemondrop!

Classic Mule

Updated about 1 year ago

This video will show the proper steps to making our new Classic Mule drink! Vodka selections can be upgraded, or guests can also ask for flavored vodka to be used.

Black Barrel Frozen Rita

Updated about 1 year ago

This video shows how to properly make and serve a Black Barrel Frozen Rita! If you sell this drink, be ready! Get it to the Guest as soon as possible! It will start to melt and not look pretty as it sets waiting to be taken to the table. This is why we are choosing to add the 'shot' on top at the last possible time.

Ranch Water

Updated about 1 year ago

This shows you how to properly make our new addition of Ranch Water! Sorry to say, there is No real 'Ranch' in this drink! This is yummy, light & refreshing! Perfect timing for Spring & sunshine!

Skinny Rita (2022 version)

Updated about 1 year ago

This video shows how simple & quick this drink is to make... But please pay attention - this drink is only made with 3 ingredients. You will need to shake this drink ALOT in order to cut the flavor of the tequila. When you think you shook it enough, shake it a few more times. Your drink will be short poured into the final glassware if you do not shake it enough.

How to use a Bunn Frozen Drink Machine

Updated almost 2 years ago

YouTube video on how to properly use and clean a Bunn Frozen Drink Machine

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