BOH Orientation Information

This will include information pertaining to the Orientation for a new team member

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Abbreviation BOH Study Guide

Updated 9 months ago

You must pass this assessment before starting your training. Our Point of Sale system prints the kitchen tickets in these abbreviations for all of our menu items. Also, our wall charts and training materials moving forward are all written in these abbreviations.

BOH revisiĆ³n de abreviaturas

Updated 7 months ago

Abbreviation review - Spanish content

Introduction Info

Updated 7 months ago

Some Hideaway Pizza history and some things to come!

How to Request Off or Request Additional Hours in HotSchedules

Updated almost 4 years ago

You can't work all the time... or can you? This lesson will help you to make request for time off or for additional hours using HotSchedules.

Managing your personal employee profile in Stratex

Updated almost 3 years ago

The Myself section of the Stratex Dashboard is where you can update and access the information in your personal employee profile. This lesson will teach you how to maintain your information and to access important employee information when you need it.

Toppings B Study Guide

Updated almost 2 years ago

Information about our specialty pizzas, including what sauces and toppings they are made with.

How to add or update an emergency contact in Stratex

Updated almost 4 years ago

You can add or update your own emergency contact information in Stratex. You can also help make sure your team has the correct emergency contact information.

Toppings A Study Guide

Updated almost 2 years ago

This is a test about our top selling pizzas and what is on them, including sauces and toppings.